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Mark Fox

Born Sacramento, CA 1974
Resides Elk Grove, CA


Self Taught mixed media painter

Curator- Curious Band Of Artist at Brick House Gallery Sacramento, CA


Curious Band of Artists-News & Review   

Submerge Magazine-Interview

Tube Magazine-Interview

Solo Exhibitions

2013  Red Dot Gallery  "Solo show" Sacramento, CA

2007  True Love  "Solo show" Sacramento, CA

2006  Brick house Gallery  "What Makes Us" Solo show, Sacramento, CA

2003  Blue Moon Phantom Gallery," Solo show" Sacramento, CA

Group Exhibitions


2018 Riving Loom Gallery "Group Show"  Sacramento,CA

2018 SIERRA Health Foundation "Mental Illness: It's not always what you think Project"  Sacramento,CA


2017 Apothic Heart Tattoo &  Gallery, "IDENTITY" show Sacramento,CA

2017 Sincere Ceramics, "Group show" Sacramento,CA

2017 Apothic Heart Tattoo &  Gallery, "IDENTITY" show Sacramento,CA

2017 Apothic Heart Tattoo &  Gallery, "One Year Anniversary Show" show Sacramento,CA

2017 Jolie Gallery "The 2nd Annual East Meets West Show" Shenyang,  China

2017 Apothic Heart Tattoo &  Gallery, "IDENTITY" show Sacramento,CA


2016 WAL Public Market "$100-Artworks on sle for $100 or Less Sacramento, CA

2016 "Ephermal" group show hosted by Menageries Sacramento ,CA

2016 Dadas Art Gallery Boutique "Micro Art Collection" (curated by Robert-Jean Ray)  Sacramento, CA

2016 Blue Lamp "Tube Magazine Presents The Circus" Sacramento, CA

2016 FE Gallery " Fauna Anamoly II" (curated by John Stuart Berger) Sacramento, CA

2016 Blue Lamp " Life On Mars" (David Bowie Tribute) Sacramento, CA


2015  Little Relics Boutique & Gallery " Mark Fox & Friends" Sacramento, CA

2015  Community Memorial Muesum of Sutter County "Flooded: Natrure & the Human Spirit"  Yuba City,CA

2015  Rhizome Gallery "Seeds of Samo" Las Vegas, NV

2015  Cafe Colonial "Creatives showing" Sacramento, CA

2015  Blue Lamp Tube Magazine- ''Circus Show " Sacramento, CA

2015  Studio 10 "benefit show for  Weave Inc..." Sacramento, CA

2015 Red Dot Gallery " Common Threads" Sacramento, CA

2015  FE Gallery " Fauna-Anomaly" Sacramento, CA

2015 BodyTribe " Eye Heart The Art Show" Sacramento, CA


 2014  En Em  Art Space " Sugar Rush" Sacramento, CA

2014  Bodytribe " Art Under $100 Show" Sacramento, CA

2014 ArtHouse "Artist Friends of Arthouse Artists Exhibit" group show Sacramento,CA

2014  Fe Gallery "The Point of No Return"  group show Sacramento,CA

2014 JKLM Nterprise "The Aceo Show"group show Sacramento,CA

2014 Red Dot Gallery "Micro Visions: Smaller Than Small" group show, Sacramento,CA

 2014  Midikat Boutique "Mark & Izzy Show" Sacramento ,CA


2013 Bodytribe "100 bucks & Under show"  Sacramento, CA

 2013 Wallery Gallery "Turned Street Art" Stockholm, Sweden

 2013 Design Galleriet "Turned Street Art" Stockholm,Sweden

 2013 BodyTribe "Fox & Flores show" Sacramento,CA

 2013  Red Dot Gallery  "Solo Show" Sacramento, CA

 2013 Sideshow Studios "Squee" group show Sacramento, CA

 2013 The Colony "Revrie" group show Sacramento, CA

 2013 Fe Gallery "Slippery Slope" group show  Sacramento,CA

 2013 VoxSac Gallery "Art & poetry" Sacramento, CA 

 2013 BodyTribe "Eye Heart The Art" group show Sacramento, CA


 2012 Vox Gallery Vox out the Box Show Sacramento, CA

 2012 Midtown Village Cafe "Oak Park Sol Show" Sacramento, CA

 2012 Gallery 2110 "Group Show" Sacramento, CA

 2012 Fe Gallery "John Stuart Berger's "50" Show" Sacramento, CA


 2011  Cuffs Urban Apparel "Manny Lee & Mark Fox " Sacramento, CA

 2011  Lee Burrows Art Center"Funky Folks" Marysville, CA


 2010 Brief Space "Undo 2 Hundo" San Francisco, CA

 2010 Vox @ Think House Collective Sacramento, CA

 2010 Hooks-Epstein Galleries "The Whole Shebang” Houston, TX

 2010 Cuffs Urban Apparel "Johnny Flores, Mark Fox, Geoff“ Sacramento, CA

 2010 Beatnik Studios" In the Flow Sacramento Jazz Festival” Sacramento, CA

 2010 Body Tribe"Dispatch: A Mail Art Show” Sacramento, CA


 2009 Beatnik Studios"Byron Blackburn A Celebration of Life” Sacramento, CA

 2009 The Blue Lamp"Group Show “ Sacramento, CA

 2009 Java Lounge   "More Pudin' “ Sacramento, CA

 2009 Side Show Studios   "Family and Friends Show” Sacramento, CA

 2009 Body Tribe"Big Cat, Little Cat” Sacramento, CA

 2009 Pac Paints Campbell Campbell, CA

 2009 Cuffs Urban Apparel "Mark Fox, Johnny Flores, Geoff" Sacramento, CA

 2009 Genuine Artikle Gallery & Boutique "Home Tweet Home Show", NY

 2009 Launch Pad Gallery "The 4th Portland Love Show" Portland, OR

 2009 Hyena Gallery "Missing the Muse" (a Tribute to Bettie Page) Burbank, CA

 2009 Genuine Artikle Gallery "Tunnel of love" Long Island, NY

 2009 Vox "Grand Re-Opening" Sacramento, CA

 2009 Body Tribe "Aves: A Celebration of Birds in Art" Sacramento, CA


 2008 The Gallery"Bedtime Stories" Group art shows Atlanta, GA

 2008 Body Tribe "Christmas Art Bonanza" Sacramento, CA

 2008 Genuine Artikle Gallery"Wreck The Hallz" show Long Island, NY

 2008 Hyena Gallery "Klemmfest" Burbank, CA

 2008 The Claude Gallery "DIA DE LOS MUERTOS Show" Eastchester, NY

 2008 Genuine Artikle Gallery" Dia DE Los Muertos" Long Island, NY

2008 Body Tribe "The Big Halloween show" Sacramento, CA

2008 SideShow Studios "Blood & Guts do sell" Sacramento, CA

2008  "KVIE Art Auction," juried televised show, Sacramento, CA

2008 "Chalk It Up Festival" sponsored By Vox Art Gallery - Sacramento, CA 

2008 Brick House Gallery - "A Curious Band of Artists (show Curator)," Sacramento, CA

2008  "Zumiez Couch Tour for the Keep a Breast Foundation," Milpitas, CA

 2008  Blue Lamp,  "Life in The Fast Lane” Sacramento, CA

 2008  Voodoo Lounge, “Pacific Art Collective's PAC Session” San Jose, CA

 2008 Pacific Art Collective @ the Capsule Festival, Hayes Valley Park, San Francisco, CA

 2008 Club 6 Juxtapoz Issue Release Party “VENI VEDI VECI” San Francisco, CA

2008 Green Built, "Recycle Show" Sacramento, CA

 2008 Claude Gallery, "Clowns, Jokers, and Pranks Art Show" Eastchester, NY

 2008  Brick House Gallery, "Close to the Hub” Pedal Palooza" Sacramento, CA

 2008 Cool Cat Gallery, "Elvis V.S. Beatles" Show Sacramento, CA

 2008  Sol Collective, "One Off" Show Sacramento, CA

 2008  Grind & Groove "Scary-Art Collective" show Sacramento, CA

 2008  Cool Cat Gallery, "Chirp" show Sacramento, CA


 2007  Emporio Peroni, "33 Drawings" Puerto Rico

 2007  Body Tribe, "$100 dollars and under show" Sacramento, CA

 2007  Cool Cat Gallery, "Holiday Bonanza Show" Sacramento, CA

 2007  The Brick House Gallery "The People We Know" Sacramento, CA

 2007  Sol Collective, "Unveiled" group show Sacramento, CA

 2007  True Love Coffee, Solo Show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Side Show Studio, Group Show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Body Tribe, Halloween Show Scary-Art Collective Sacramento, CA

 2007  KVIE Art Auction, juried televised show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Body Tribe, "Functional Art Show," group show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Cool Cat Gallery, "Sci-Fi Triple Feature, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Cool Cat Gallery, "Painting for Paws" benefit show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Body Tribe, 2 man show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Cool Cat Gallery, "Alter Egos" group show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Side Show Studios and Gallery, Group Show Sacramento, CA

 2007  Fish Out of Water Gallery, "Shoot Em' Up" group show, San Diego, CA

 2007  Brick House Gallery, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  Body tribe, "Some Like it Hot" group show, Sacramento, CA

 2007  United Trade Show, Las Vegas, NV

 2007  Cool Cat Gallery, Group Show Sacramento, CA


 2006  Studio Yes, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2006  Studio Yes, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2006  Brick house Gallery, "What Makes Us" solo show, Sacramento, CA


2005  Artisan Gallery, "The Legend Launch," group show, Sacramento, CA

 2005  Art beat Salon & Gallery, group show, Berkeley, CA

 2004  Body Tribe, “Art Swap” group show, Sacramento, CA

 2004  Artisan Gallery, "City Speaks” group show, Sacramento, CA

 2004  Lush Salon, 2nd Saturday Art Walk, street display, Sacramento, CA

 2004  Lush Salon, 2nd Saturday Art Walk, street display, Sacramento, CA


 2003  Toy room Gallery, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2003  Flat Spot Skate Shop, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2003  Capitol Garage, Solo Show Sacramento, CA

 2003  Mountain & Surf, group show, Sacramento, CA

 2003  Izzy's Van Go, solo show "Images," Sacramento, CA

 2003  Lush Salon, Second Saturday Art Walk, street display, Sacramento, CA

2003  Blue Moon Phantom Gallery, solo show, Sacramento, CA

 2003  Hot Java Cafe, solo show, Sacramento, CA


2001  The Gregory Kondos Gallery, Group Show Sacramento, CA